4 Things Wearing Down Your Tarmac

At Highways UK, we offer our services as tarmac contractors in Sheffield for both businesses and individuals. One of the more common reasons that individuals contact us is the wearing and tearing of their tarmac.

There are countless factors that contribute to tarmac wear. Awareness regarding these factors can ensure your tarmac lasts far longer than so-and-sos down the road.

To help educate you, we’ve listed five common factors that wear down your tarmac quickly.


Heat and cold can cause serious damage to your tarmac. As tarmac contractors in Liverpool, we’ve watched as tarmac has buckled under extreme summer temperatures and cracked under the weight of cold weather. The goal is to lay quality tarmac that can withstand both extremes, but over the years mother nature has her way.


Traffic puts extra pressure on the roadways. Not only does the physical weight of cars and trucks cause wear, but also the rise in temperature that comes with more tires on the road. Tarmac can withstand a good deal of pressure, but as more people take the roads in the UK, tarmac contracts in Nottingham and beyond find themselves with more work to do.

Poor Construction

Poorly constructed tarmac roads can wear down quickly. Premature deterioration of tarmac is almost always due to construction failures. Insufficient compacted base, improper temperature when applied, or even poor drainage. All these factors can cause your tarmac to buckle or crack more quickly that it should.


At the end of the day, tarmac wears down with time. The longer it goes without maintenance or proper touch-ups, the more likely it is to deteriorate. Factoring temperature and traffic, and it could deteriorate more quickly that it would have. As tarmac contractors in Sheffield, we help businesses and individuals keep their tarmac in tip-top shape over the course of its life.

If you want to protect your tarmac then you need to invest in a quality group of contractors. At Highways UK, we are tarmac contractors in Liverpool and provide maintenance for both businesses and individuals.

To prevent your tarmac from wearing down prematurely, consider contacting us today.