The Real Costs of Potholes in the UK

Those pesky holes on the road cause more than just passing annoyance. In fact, they can cost your vehicle premature ageing. While many people choose to cycle instead of drive, those who do drive are constantly presented with costly repair bills. Let’s take a look at how much the average person spends for damage caused by potholes, and what the solution is.

Average Costs of Pothole Repairs

Did you know that Britain has some 12,000 miles of potholes on its roads? That’s enough to stretch halfway around the world.

These latest figures show a desperate need for repairs to our roadways. In fact, some have even called it a “pothole epidemic.” Close to 30,000 potholes are waiting to be repaired.

As a pothole repair company, we’re in no way surprised by this figure. We see the potential for beautiful roads in the UK, but we have to be called upon to act.

We offer pothole repairs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, along with the rest of the mainland.

Want to know how much the average person pays as a result of these countless potholes? Estimates suggest some £300 per repair. Issues with suspension, tyres, and even shocks rack up quickly, leaving vehicle owners wondering what they did wrong.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is to hire a pothole repair company. The state can work along with companies like our own to provide pothole repairs in Edinburgh and beyond. We can work with contracts to provide powerful repairs that last far longer than poorly executed solutions. We also use the highest quality repair equipment and materials to guarantee that potholes are carefully taken care of the first time.

In the end, poorly maintained roads cause far more damage than they do to maintain. Our pothole repair company is up to the task. We can help your business or neighbourhood stay pothole free with exceptional repairs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.