Here’s What Happens When a Contractor Runs out of Tarmac

Here’s the deal, we know that we’re not perfect, but there are some things that ANY tarmac contractors in Leicester shouldn’t do.

Recently, there was a story released by the BBC that covered a recent incident with a tarmac company. Apparently, rush-hour drivers were held up in traffic that spanned some eight miles after contractors “ran out of tarmac,” which forced them to work overnight and into the morning hours. This resulted in a lane closure on the A34.

Highways England later confirmed that the contractors did indeed “run out of materials” to use for construction.

You might be asking, why would we, tarmac contractors in Yorkshire, be concerned with an incident that involved Highways England. Well, the reality is we see incidents like this with our competitors all the time.

If it isn’t running out of materials, which should never happen when a professional is handling the job, or if it’s not arriving in the job on time we see it this happen constantly. Our professional team of experts handles everything from pot hole repairs in Leeds to complete resurfacing, and we do all it with a friendly face.

If it were Highways UK in charge of that recent incident on the A34, rest assured we would have never let the public down. We also never let our customers down. That’s our promise to you. We never let you down and work tirelessly to make sure your job is always completed on time and the way you had envisioned.

In reality, if you’re looking for quality work, on time results, and the best materials available for your resurfacing, pothole repairs in Leeds, or just need tarmac contractors in Leicester for your project then contact us. We have everything you need to make sure your job is done correctly.